Meeting the pollinators: importance, decline and perspectives

The decline of pollinators in Europe is a major ecological and economical issue. Several European countries have begun to estimate this decline and its causes in order to develop effective conservation measures targeting pollinators. Some of them have already created national action plans for their protection (e.g. Switzerland, UK). What is the state of knowledge, and what could be developed and/or improved in Luxembourg?



The aim of this conference is to present LIST’s studies and expertise on pollinators by broaching different aspects:

  • State of play of existing knowledge and monitoring programs of wild pollinators in Luxembourg
  • Honey bee monitoring in Luxembourg
  • Potential influence of regional climate change effects to pollinator species and pollination activity
  • Case study on the decline of bumblebees in a neighbouring country: Belgium



  • 13h30
    Welcome and badges pick-up
  • 14h00
    Prof Lucien HOFFMANN (LIST)
  • 14h10
    Wild pollinators of Luxembourg: an overview and modelled distributions as a first instrument to identify hotspots and potential pollinator supply
  • 14h35
    Honey bee monitoring in Luxembourg
    Dr Marco BEYER (LIST)
  • 15h00
    Potential impact of climate change effect on pollinators in the Greater region
    Dr Jürgen JUNK (LIST)
  • 15H25
    One century of decline of bumblebees in Belgium : influence of climate and land cover
    Dr Sarah VRAY (LIST)
  • 15h50
    Questions & answers
  • 16h00
  • 16h10
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