15th EU Forestpedagogics Congress


You are heartily invited to participate in the 15th EU Forespedagogics Congress. The meeting is hosted by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, the Nature Conservation Agency, the Forest Communicators' Network - Subgroup - Forest Pedagogics and the Association of Luxembourgish Foresters.

The topic of this year’s congress is "Forests for Human well-being  - how Forestpedagogy contributes".

The evidence on the importance of forests and nature areas, as a whole, for human well-being is growing. Forests provide a wide range of ecosystem services and are important recreation areas for physical activities, stress relief and relaxation. A ride through the forest, as a place of quietness, can especially be considered as a privileged moment to escape from the daily life in order for reinvigoration. These experiences help people to reconnect with nature and to awaken their senses.

According to the topic, this year's congress aims to emphasize the well-being functions of our forests with a view to stimulate a holistic forest pedagogical approach and to promote cooperation between the different stakeholders.

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