15th EU Forestpedagogics Congress

Tandem excursions

Tandem excursions (May 13th 2020)

Aim of the tandem excursions

  • Developing partnerships between forest pedagogical and human well-being sector
    (showing intersections)
  • Enhancing understanding & implementation within the two sectors
  • Discovering nature with all your senses
  • Stimulating discussions about challenge and opportunities
  • Discussing about expectations of different target groups (young children – elderly people)
  • Experience the multitudinous societal and ecological services through activities
  • Show how careful use and forest management can be combined
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6 Field-trips (+/-5 km)

Programme design:

  • Each tandem excursion is led in cooperation by a forestpedagogue and a foresthealth-trainer
  • During the trip the two guides show some typical “forest-bathing-activities” as well as some forestpedagogy-activities focusing on human wellbeing
  • Duration: 11.30-15.00
  • Each tandem excursion will accommodate ca. 20 participants
  • Participants are invited to select their trip on the first congress day

Sepcial requirements:

  • Outdoor clothing (hiking boots)
  • Small backpack

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